Atbash Cipher

The atbash code is one of the more simple codes to use in puzzles. If you are looking for a easy to use cipher and especially one you can use for children, I suggest you should use the atbash cipher. For every letter in a message you want to ENCODE, take the oppisite letter. That looks something like this A=Z, B=Y, C=X …etc When you think you’re dealling with the atbash alphabet and you want to DECODE a message quickly and you have access to the internet, there are some great atbash cipher decoders:

Online Atbash Decoders

  1. DCODE.FR/atbash-cipher

DIY Atbash Encoder

If you don’t have access to the internet, just create your own atbash translator in a matter of seconds. Grab a piece of paper and something to write with and do this. Make a row with all letters of the alphabet A,B,C……X,Y,Z. Below this first row make a second row but this time write the alphabet backwards. Z,Y,X…….C,B,A. You have now something similar as in the picture below.

Example of an easy to create atbash alphabet to encode and decode this secret code.

Now you can start to encode or decode messages. Let take this line: ESCAPE GAMES ARE FUN TO PLAY. Now find the letters from our line in the first row and read the letter writter below it. E=V, S=H, C=X, A=Z, P=K, E=V. G=T, A=Z, M=N, E=V, S=H. A=Z, R=I, E=V. F=U, U=F, N=M. T=G, O=L. P=K, L=O, A=Z, Y=B.

The compleet encoded message now reads: VHXZKV TZNVH ZIV UFM GL KOZB

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