Caesar Cipher and more secret codes

One of the most iconic secret codes is the Caesar Cipher, the one with the “wheels”. It is also calles a shift cipher, caesar’s cipher, Caesar’s code or a Caesar Shift (wikipedia). The idea behind this secret code is simple. You take a plain text, that’s the text you want to code into a strange looking string of letters, and shift each letter the same amount of letters in the alfabet.

For example if the plaintext is ESCAPE GAMES and the shift is 3, the encoded message now looks like this: HVFDSH JDPHV

When solving puzzles for escape games, treasure hunts and all other adventure puzzle games you can use many many more different kind of ciphers. Below you find a list of possible ciphers with a short description. If you want to find out more about a specific cipher, find it in the list and click on the link to go to the article. If you are missing a secret code in the list, let my know by sending me a message at

Remember, this is a list that’s always growing, so if you don’t find what you are looking for, continue you search elsewhere.

List of chiphers

  1. Atbash
  2. Bacon Cipher (work in progress)
  3. Binary Code (work in progress)
  4. Book Cipher (work in progress)
  5. Braille (work in progress)
  6. Caesar Cipher (work in progress)
  7. Enigma Machine (work in progress)
  8. Hodor Language (work in progress)
  9. Indienne code (work in progress)
  10. Kenny Language (work in progress)
  11. Letter Numner Code (work in progress)
  12. Morse Code (work in progress)
  13. NATO Phonetic Alphabet (work in progress)
  14. Navajo Code (work in progress)
  15. Periodic Table Cipher (work in progress)
  16. Polybius Cipher (work in progress)
  17. More coming…. (let me know what you miss in this list)


The Atbash cipher is a really easy cipher to use because it’s a reversed alphabet. Just write down the alfabet in one row, and in the row right below it, write down the alphabet in reversed order. Now you get A=Z, B=Y, C=X…..etc

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