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Are you planning to visit Berlin and want to discover the city in a fun way. Then a city game in Berlin is an ideal way if you like escape rooms. This can be a city game on a bike or walking. When deciding on a city game, you can ask yourself a few questions:

  • Do I want to learn about the city?
  • Should there be a story in it?
  • Should the story match the city?
  • Should it include puzzles?
  • How long may it take?
  • What to do in the evening at the hotel?
  • What age is this city game for?

Want to learn about the city during a city game in Berlin?

If the answer to this question is no, there are providers who offer scavenger hunts through Berlin where you walk from point to point. At each point you then usually do a task such as a puzzle, take a picture or a playful action. Usually that assignment has nothing to do with the location. In this case, then, the city game is not city-related. For people deliberately taking a city trip, this type of city game is usually not suitable. Are you in Berlin for a company outing and competing against each other in groups, for example. Then it’s a choice you could make earlier, though.

Do you prefer to learn about the city. Then make sure you choose a scavenger hunt through Berlin that clearly states that you will learn something about the city and that the assignments can only be played in Berlin. The trick here for city game creators is to build the part of getting to know the city into a storyline where puzzles, locations and story flow together.

L3V3L Escape Games is developing a series of city games where the goal is to link an exciting story to Berlin and other major European cities. In the case of Berlin, all the puzzles and the route are made and chosen in such a way that a very nice activity can be played and you also learn something about Berlin. Want to be kept informed about this. Then sign up for the newsletter. For now, here’s a solution to a great escape game you can play in Berlin. To do so, scroll to the end of this page.

Gelukt! Ik houd je op de hoogte

Should there be a story in it?

For most players of city escapes, a good storyline is a must. If the same is true for you, make sure you look at this very carefully when making your choice. Then also keep in mind the previous question. Because you can only so choose a city game where the story is totally unrelated to the Berlin. Don’t mind that, beautiful. But if you prefer to have a well-integrated story, make sure the story and possibly the assignments are clearly indicated as city related.

Should the story match the city?

Actually, we already discussed this point in the previous question. A good city game in Berlin has a storyline that fits this city. This allows you to feel completely immersed as you walk from location to location and are slowly drawn into the story. If the story does not match the city, a common reaction in (often negative) reviews is that you might as well have played the game anywhere and even at home. Going to Berlin for a weekend isn’t the experience most had hoped for. So, my tip, pay close attention to whether the story is linked to the city.

Should it include puzzles?

If you are reading this page, then you are most likely a fan of escape rooms and/or escape games and city walks with puzzles. That means solving puzzles is really for you. In that case, I would definitely look closely at a city game that clearly states that it includes puzzles. The trick for creators is to create puzzles that fit the locations. By this I mean that you have to use statues, buildings, fountains and any other possible objects from the city to solve a puzzle. So you get a good mix of looking on your mobile for the assignment and looking around the city well to solve them.

How long can a city game in Berlin last?

A good city walk with assignments and puzzles is on average between 2.5 and 5 km long. Depending on the number of tasks, a city tour then takes about 1 to 2 to 3 hours. Personally, I find 1 hour too short and enjoy a longer tour more, especially since you can rest at nice squares or grab a terrace in between.

What to do in the evening at the hotel?

With a good city break, you probably also found a nice hotel or B&B. So what could be more fun to also play a fun escape game in the evening. I hear more and more that people order my escape games to take with them on vacation. For example, I regularly get pictures of people cozy on the big bed trying to solve The VOC Treasure. I also regularly get pictures of people who are on vacation with their RVs and then have one of the beautiful boxes with an escape room game with them. The preference then is often for The VOC Treasure because Catch Me If You Can requires a laptop. Although many people have them with them on vacation anyway.

What age is this city game for?

If you are going with a family, when choosing a city game, often also check to see if it is doable for children. But often you can often give the children clear commands. For example, let them discover the route and lead you. You will find that the more you involve them in the city game, the more they like it. For example, if you already know the answer to a puzzle or see a location looming in the distance, don’t call it out right away. Let the children discover it for themselves and give them small hints if necessary. You’ll see how much fun it is.

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