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From the Escape Game maker
Jachin Letwory – L3V3L
Zwolle, Netherlands

Dear Adventurer (in the making),

On my 40th birthday, I threw a bigger party than usual.

The inevitable question came what I wanted as a gift. Just the thought of getting any more useless “things” in the house….

I decided to put 1 thing on my “wish list.”


How many exciting movies had I seen where tough protagonists jump out of airplanes….

They sometimes say “Be Careful What You Wish For”….

Not long after, I was the protagonist of my own action movie and I too jumped out of a plane!!!

Now my question to you is: How often do you watch Movies and Series and wish you experienced that action.

Instead of hanging listlessly on the couch and dreaming about the actions you see on the screen.

My tip! Start small, get behind the screen more often today and make steps toward real EXPERIENCE!

On that same birthday, my closest friends gave me a “JASON BOURNE DAY.”

You can guess, an Escape Room with AIR SOFT GUNS and real AGAINSTERS.

That was an experience with one and all ADRENALINE!!!!

Now it’s up to you:

Are you going to a party soon?
🔥 Give an EXPERIENCE as a gift!

Are you throwing a party of your own soon?

Do you have a group outing coming up soon?
🔥 Embark on a treasure hunt adventure together!

Are you tired of watching NETFLIX every night?
🔥 TV off, escape game on the table and go with it 🍌.

Are you not getting any excitement out of your work (anymore)?
🔥 Step into a world of excitement at home!

I was shocked!

😱 Over the next 10 years, I am wasting more than 2 full years of screen time

📱 By 2023, people will spend an average of more than 5 hours a day on a device with a screen!

📱 That’s 18250 hours over the next 10 years

📱 In the next 10 years, screens steal 2 years and 30 days from your life 💀⏰

Those are 2 completely missed years to do things together, to experience, to experience!


Did you know that an experience makes people happier than buying things?

This is what an Escape Game experience does to people!

🌈 Quality time with friends

🌈 No hassle of arranging babysitters

🌈 Who wants to be the BOB? Oh no….. no need

🌈 Beats NETFLIX every time!

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