Frequently asked questions about city games

Where should I start the game?

Once you order a city game you will receive a confirmation email. In it you will find the start code and a link to the start location. It is advisable to start there but it is not necessary. You don’t play on time so you have plenty of time to find spot where you want to start. What we did was pick a starting spot from where you can start and finish well. You can also store a bicycle here, for example.

Do I need to download an app

No, any modern mobile with an up to date browser (preferably Google Chrome) can be used to play the game. So you don’t need to further fill up your phone with a new app.

How many people can you play the game with?

For each game, you buy a starting code that can be used on 1 mobile. It is recommended to play with 2 people per mobile but if you want more people to work together with 1 mobile, you can play with up to 4 people. If you have a company outing, family outing, bachelorette party or any other activity where you have a lot of participants, you can. When ordering, choose the number of phones you will use. You will automatically receive that number of starting codes which you can then distribute to the groups yourself.

Are the city games really based on true stories?

Yes, the creator of the games is very fond of diving into history. He then comes across interesting and often fairly unknown stories. This is then given its own twist to make it a nice city game. You can therefore expect city games that are appropriate in appearance to the time of the story. Instead of having images created by designers, we chose to use images from the time of the story.

Do I need a cell phone?

Yes, for the city games, you need a modern cell phone with an ample data bundle. It is also wise to charge the phone properly and bring a power bank if necessary.

How do I know which route to walk during a city game?

During a city game, each new location you have to go to is displayed on a map. Even the style of this floor plan is appropriate to the story. This does mean that not all streets, alleys and other landmarks are always as prominently visible. This makes the game even more mysterious and challenges you to look closely at the map as you walk through the city.

Does it matter when I want to play the city game?

No, you can play a city game at any time. Of course, it is helpful to check that there is no festival or other activity in town at the chosen time. Sometimes that can also actually contribute to the atmosphere but I leave that choice to the players. At least you never have to go in somewhere that depends on opening hours.

Is a game fun if you live in the city yourself?

Yes, because a lot of research has been done, there are definitely things that most people from that city don’t know yet. And you also often play with others on a team. If you happen to know a question or location, enjoy your fellow players as they get busy finding the location or solving a task.

Should I play the game at once?

No, you don’t have to. If you want to grab a sidewalk cafe, eat a sandwich in a park or hit that one cute store in between, you can. There is no time limit on the city games. It is important, however, not to delete the browser history until you have finished the game. After all, then you lose the game’s progress as well.

Will we be accompanied by someone from L3V3L Escape Games

No, the city games are made so that you can play a game completely independently. If you do have the desire to have an attendant present, much is possible by mutual agreement. Then contact

We have a dog, can it come too?

Yes, you can because the entire route takes place outside. Just keep in mind that the city must be left tidy. (poop in the sack). Also keep in mind the weather. In summer, it can be very hot for dogs to walk on the paved road in a city.

Someone in our group is deaf. So is a city game playable?

Yes indeed, there are no audio clips during the game.

Do I need wifi or 4G?

Yes, because the games are played through a browser, you do need a data bundle.

How can I pay for a starter code?

The web shop is set up so that most known payment methods can be used. Consider Ideal (all banks) and Paypal.

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