Long Lost Love Letters

Wil je de geheime boodschap weten, klik dan hier

I will keep caring, adoring and loving you forever, during the easy times and the challenges we will face. We are in this together, and you are my partner for life.

Ik ga iemand verrassen! (klik hier)

  • Stap 1: Schrijf de naam van de persoon die je gaat verrassen op de “oude” envelop.
  • Stap 2: Stop de brief in de brievenbus van het huis waar deze persoon woont.
  • Stap 3: (optioneel) Zodra de brief gevonden wordt is het leuk om de reactie op video of foto vast te leggen.
  • Stap 4: Als de ontvanger van de Long Lost Love Letter de geheime code niet ziet, dan kan je hierop hinten. De geheime code zijn onderstreepte letters.

Ik heb de brief gekregen en wil graag wat hulp met het lezen van de brief (klik hier)

My Own Darling Peggy,

I was very
pleased to receive your number two hundred
and seventh letter yesterday, very many,
thanks, sweetheart. Well and how is
my darling? I hope you are feeling quite
well again now dear, after that cold. I am
not so bad, thanks, dearest, but I guess I am
still pretty fed up. That is natural, as far
as I have seen there is nothing to be
happy about in this blinking life. I suppose
you get fed up too darling. It is only
natural that we should both be fed up
at times, after all, dear, there is no fun, being
so far apart as we are at present. Our
love for each other is very great darling, and
I know we shall not be happy again until
we are back together giving each other our love.
I am longing to hold you close to me again,
dearest one, it will be grand. But perhaps it
will not be so terrible long now. Just think
of that day, darling, when we are in each
other’s arms again, we shall be so happy
and excited then. What a great time we
have got to look forward to dearest?
It will be wonderful, after having to spend
all this time away from each other. But
each day is on day nearer, dear, and one of
these days it will be our turn to carry on
from where we left off before we had to

leave each other. It does seem a long time
since that day, sweet, but we do know
that we have not too long to wait now
especially when we compare it to the time
that we have been apart. We have a grand
time to come, dearest, so let us keep
hoping that the months will soon slip by,
until that day we are kissing and
cuddling each other again. Roll on that day!!
I’m glad you managed to go
to ????? (Nollies) wedding alright, dear, I’m rather
pleased you went. It was a pity it turned
out rather dull after the breakfast, but, as
you say, dear, some weddings must be dull
and uninteresting except for the lucky
couple concerned. I was pleased that ???? (Fred/Ined)
was home for a few days and that he went.
I agree with you darling, it is cert-
ainly a silly idea to be travelling the
first night they are married. That is no
good at all, is it? They would be tired
the first night too!! I don’t like the idea
of that either, and we must arrange things
better than that, darling, when it is our
turn!! We will travel by day, dearest!!
Yes, dear, each time I hear of someone
getting married, too, I wish it was us.
But never mind, darling, we have got our
turn to come, and the quicker, the better
it will be for us, eh, sweet?
It must be a bit of a problem to
know whether to call yourself a nursery of
an animal shelter, you always seem to have
one or the other in. But expect the people
concerned must be grateful for your help.
If you do put (??? apa) notice, dear, it will
have to be changed when I get home,
something like “Love’s Roost” perhaps?
Have you fixed up any thing more
about your holiday yet? I hope you
manage something alright. But what
with the war being finished and more
people being at home, I imagine it will be a
very hard job indeed to get fixed up any
where. I Will willingly do my best to
get a film for you dear, but I don’t know
how successful I shall be. They are slight
by easier to get here, but even so supplies are
very limited, and one is lucky to get in the
shops on the day the fresh quote arrives.
I don’t know yet if I should be allowed to
send films home, dear, but I’ll find out.
I see what I can do, sweet, but please do not
build up your hopes too much. Even if I
am not allowed to send films home, I intend to
bring a few home for our holiday,
darling, we must have some some ????(snaps) of our honey moon.
I am longing for that long leave when I
get home, dearest, a month is a decent leave,
and we shall be able to do plenty during
that time. We will certainly keep very busy
dear, and be able to make up for some of
this wasted time. It will be so grand
when it does come. I love you so very,
very much, dearest, and longing to feel you
right close to me again. It should not be long!
Take care of yourself, dearest one. Cheerio, for
now, sweetheart. All my love and kissed, darling.
Yours for always & ever. Syd xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ik heb de brief gekregen. Kan je me helpen met de geheime code? (klik hier)

Als je de brief goed bekijkt, dan zie je dat meerdere letters onderstreept zijn. Als je deze letters achter elkaar zet, dan vormt dat een zin. Als je op het eerste plusje klikt, dan zie je de geheime boodschap.