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Treasure Hunter

Treasure Hunter

Instantly playable for €15

Want to start an Escape Game right away? Now you can with our online Escape Game.

Whether you want to play it in NL, EN, FR or DE, it’s all possible.

In this story, you are one of 8 people who are vying for a job as a Treasure Hunter with the Romanized company Modern Treasure Hunt.

Actually, you already expected it because there are no boring job interviews but you get to start right away. All the skills you have must be used to complete a treasure hunt.

The goal? Finish first because then the coveted title of “treasure hunter” is one you can put on your resume.

What do you get in and need?

Treasure Hunter was happily conceived and created by Jachin Letwory and built on the Enigma Game Engine:

🔎 An email with a start code, to be used once
🔎 You need a computer/laptop that is not too old
🔎 Preferably one of the latest versions of a Google Chrome browser

⏳Average 90-180 min playing time
🌕🌕🌕🌗🌑 Difficulty level is average
👩🏻‍🤝‍👨🏾1 to 2 players (ideal is 2)
🇬🇧 This escape game is in (basic) EN, NL, DE and FR
🎂 From 10 years old to 👵🏼 120 (older is also allowed)

12000+ adventurers went before you

They also play games from L3V3L


Hoelang duurt het online thuismysterie Treasure Hunter?

It very much depends on the experience you already have. Most people take between 90 and 180 minutes on average.

Met hoeveel mensen kan ik deze escape game spelen?

Since you are playing Treasure Hunter on a computer/laptop, it is recommended to solve the mystery with a maximum of 2 players. If you want to play the game with several people, buy a starter code multiple times. For each computer 1.

Als ik nu bestel, wanneer kan ik dan het spel spelen?

Within minutes (usually a few seconds) you will receive confirmation of your order. The start code is listed there. Also on the thank you page, right after the order, you will see the start code. Note these well because then you can start when you want.

Is internet vereist

Yes indeed, that’s why it’s an online escape game.

Hoevaak kan je dit spel spelen?

Per starting code, you can finish the game 1 x. Be sure to enter the start code on the computer you will be playing the game on. You can’t switch in between.

Is het spel herspeelbaar?

No, but if you want to recommend it to someone else, you can always do so. A new start code must then be purchased.

Ik heb nog een vraag, waar kan ik die stellen?

If you have another question, you can send an email to or a message to 06-46727386 (whatsapp).

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