City games in the Netherlands

In each city you will find a historical city game based on a true mystery. Gather a group of friends or family and solve that mystery. During a walk of about 3 Km, past beautiful and interesting places, the story becomes increasingly clear. You complete assignments along the way and witnesses tell you what they saw.

You do all this through your mobile without having to install an app.

time_carPlay when you want
group2-4 players per start code
smartphone1 mobile per start code
mapApproximately 3 KM
av_timer1.5 to 3 hours
groupsAlso for large groups
quiz FAQ
Read more During the walk of about 3 km you will learn all kinds of things about the city: long forgotten knowledge about beautiful, important or interesting places. You do this by doing fun assignments. There are also witnesses who will tell you more. If you are really a fan of history, you can choose in-depth information during the city game.

You are cozy exploring the city, which is why you play without the clock. But if you play with multiple teams and want to make it a league, you can do that too. You get the best experience by using a mobile in pairs (maximum of 4 per persons mobile). For each mobile you order a separate starting code.

Want to get started right away? No problem because you order a start code on the spot through the webshop, enter it and “of you go.” Want to start later. No problem, you will receive each start code by e-mail allowing you to decide when to start.
A group of friends order starter codes for a City game from L3V3L Escape Games.

1. Order your starter code

2. Solve the mystery

A large group of friends during an assignment of a city game from L3V3L Escape Games

3. Enjoy after the city game

These city games you can choose

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