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Escaposter Ocean

Escaposter Ocean

Escape Game on a poster €15

L3V3L is known for its original escape games. Usually the games are with beautiful materials such as wooden boxes, fabric cards real bottles, among others. This time it is the Escaposter Ocean.

A second place in the top 10 of the best-known NL games podcast De Spelletjesvrienden is a result of that.

With this escape game on a poster, we have been original again. It is clearly a “submarine” setting and you probably already spot a few places where puzzles are hidden.

If you eventually solve them all, you will find a final message somewhere on the Internet. And of course, to solve puzzles you can search the Internet for any secret codes used.

What are you getting into?

Escaposter Ocean was happily conceived and created by Jachin Letwory:

🔎 Poster on A1 size (59.4 cm x 84.1 cm)
🔎 Sent in an A4 envelope (without track & trace)
🔎 QR code for online section

⏳Average 45-90 min playing time
🌕🌕🌕🌗🌑 Difficulty level is average
👩🏻‍🤝‍👨🏾1 to 4 players (ideal is 2)
🇬🇧 This escape game is in (basic) English
🎂 From 10 years old to 👵🏼 120 (older is also allowed)

12000+ adventurers went before you

They also play games from L3V3L


Hoelang duurt het thuismysterie Escaposter Ocean?

It very much depends on the experience you already have. Most people take between 45 and 90 minutes on average.

Met hoeveel mensen kan ik deze escape game spelen?

As the creator of this game, I recommend that 1 to 2 people unravel this mystery. But around the table you can max 4 people. If you want to play with larger groups, you certainly can. Per group of up to 4 people then order one poster.

Als ik nu bestel, wanneer heb ik De VOC Schat dan in huis?

I always try to deliver the games to PostNL within 1 to maximum 3 business days. Then it is up to PostNL to deliver the escape game to you as soon as possible. If you need the game soon, please send me a message. Then I can see if same-day shipping is feasible. (06-46727386 whatsapp)

Is internet vereist

Yes, while puzzling you may see parts that you suspect are certain secret codes. Then search the Internet especially to see if that’s true, and you might find other codes you can use. The final solution can also be found on the Internet.

Hoeveel kost Escaposter Ocean?

This game costs only €15, – Depending on where to send the game, certain shipping costs will be added.

Is het spel herspeelbaar?

As long as you don’t write or draw on the poster, you can pass it back to others. But he also deserves a nice spot for example on the toilet door. Nice for visitors when they go to the bathroom.

Ik heb nog een vraag, waar kan ik die stellen?

If you have another question, you can send an email to or a message to 06-46727386 (whatsapp).

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